Programmatic CRM for Growth Marketers

Automate triggers & AI-powered recommendations
on Email, Mobile Apps & Websites

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Real-Time Segmentation

Behavioral & Predictive Segmentation Made Easy
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  • Behavioral
  • Predictive
  • Lifecycle
Real time 360-degree view of each user's behavior, across all devices and marketing channels.
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AI-powered Recommendations

Relevant content made easy
  • Next Best Product
  • Predictive Content
  • Collaborative Filtering

Cross-Channel Triggers

Efficiently Scale Your Messaging

Targeted push notifications & in-app content based on user behavior drive mobile app engagement. Powered by the most advanced real-time segmentation, Blueshift’s push notifications help you engage the right user at the right time.

Website recommendations that can be personalized based on customer behavior, historical data, or product & content attributes. Combine known and anonymous user data for targeting. Create multiple recommendation types, and publish them to your website with ease.

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