Segment-of-One Marketing
Has Finally Arrived!Automate Hyper-Personalized Messages on Every Channel

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Real-Time SEGMENTATioN • Personalized Content • CROSS-CHANNEL AUTOMATION

Real-Time Segmentation

Capture Every User Interaction on Desktop & Mobile
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  • Behavioral
  • Demographic
  • Lifecycle
Real time 360-degree view of each user's behavior, across all devices and marketing channels.
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Personalized Content

Relevant content made easy
  • Category Affinity
  • Channel & Time Preferences
  • Related Content

Cross-Channel Automation

Efficiently Scale Your Messaging

Targeted push notifications based on user behavior drive mobile app engagement. Blueshift enables you to send push notifications without the hassle of adding yet another SDK.  Powered by the most advanced real-time segmentation, Blueshift’s push notifications help you engage the right user at the right time.

Real-time bidding enables you to precisely target users on 3rd party publishers based on their interaction with your app or site. Blueshift offers you the most advanced (yet easy to use) way of segmenting users for Display & Facebook remarketing. Blueshift’s dynamic product ads will automatically populate your ad templates with the most relevant products for the user.

How Does This Work?