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Redmart drives 3X higher Conversions with Blueshift
Penny Cox, VP of Marketing & Commercial at Redmart, talks about her experience using Blueshift’s personalization & segmentation to drive 3 times higher conversions.

Vouchercloud turned to Blueshift’s scalable Programmatic CRM Marketing platform to engage their customers across multiple channels based on up-to-the-moment behavioral data. As a forward thinking organization, Vouchercloud recognized the need to move beyond marketing based on simple demographics and attributes common in so many of today’s personalization and automation platforms.
Vouchercloud, UK’s biggest money saving app with more than 7 million downloads, Achieves an 81% increase in Revenue with Behavior Based Personalization
Vouchercloud, a trusted source of discounts, promotions, and exclusive offers, operates in 13 countries, and features more than 50,000 offers from 30,000 merchants worldwide.Learn how Vouchercloud worked with Blueshift to engage millions of web and mobile visitors every month with behavior based personalization across multiple marketing channels.

The hospitality industry focuses on getting heads in beds while delivering a unique in-person customer experience for every guest. This personalized approach to customer service has become the goal for the modern digital marketer in their online engagement as well. As a market leader, OYO focuses on not only being an affordable booking option but also providing predictability in hotel stay experiences. Building a full 360 degree view of every customer across online, email, and their offline sources would be the foundation to building out a truly cross channel customer experience - from email to mobile push to SMS.
OYO, India’s Largest Hotel Brand, Increases Email & Mobile Bookings by 5X with Triggers & Recommendations
OYO, one of the world’s fastest growing hotel brands, offers standardized stay experiences at an unmatched price at over 7,000 hotels in 200+ cities. Learn how Oyo worked with Blueshift to engage millions of web and mobile visitors every month to drive growth and engagement through digital marketing across multiple channels with a unified personalized customer experience.

Case Study: The Muse
The Muse Drives a 200% increase in Visits to Targeted Pages
The Muse helps over 50 million job candidates and ambitious professionals advance their careers. Learn how The Muse works with Blueshift to deliver a more relevant, individualized user experience to job-seekers and professionals via email to drive greater engagement onsite.

Urban Ladder Case Study
Urban Ladder Achieves a 4X Conversion Lift Through Personalized Cross-Channel Customer Experiences
Urban Ladder is a leading furniture and home decor company that aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions. Learn how Urban Ladder works with Blueshift to deliver a consistent cross-channel customer experiences based on the most complete 360-degree view of each customer.

Leading online grocer gains 3x lift in purchases with personalized multi-channel lifecycle marketing
Redmart Launches Campaigns That Perform 3X Better
Singapore’s leading online grocer Redmart delivers personalized lifecycle marketing to its email subscribers and mobile app users with Blueshift.

Ideel Launches Triggers that Perform 3-10X Better
Leading flash sale company Ideel delivers personalized marketing to its 6 million+ email subscribers and mobile app users with Blueshift’s Segment-of-One Marketing Automation.